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Hundreds of patients travel to Dr. Moy's surgical center located in Southern California from across the United States and worldwide. All of the spots represent patients that have traveled to California to have surgery with us.

Pain-Free Foot Surgery from Dr. Moy in Your Area

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If you don't live near Dr. Moy and his surgical center, you're probably searching for a podiatrists in your area who offers the same virtually pain-free results as Dr. Moy.

So are we! It's been our longstanding desire to provide local referrals to other doctors and/or podiatrists, if possible. But despite extensive research, and the research of many patients, we know of no other surgeon anywhere that offers such consistently pain-free surgical results as Dr.Moy.

Please see our "10 In A Row" bunion surgery video segment under the "Testimonials" tab to experience the results of 10 consecutive bunion surgeries in a typical week at Foothill Surgical Institute – every bunionectomy with virtually pain free bunion surgery results.

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Hallux Valgus Surgery is Available Today Through Dr. Moy

Dr. Moy has been refining his surgical techniques since 1991. When asked why his results are superior to those of other doctors, he offers the following analogy: "If you read and understand a book about the perfect golf swing, it doesn't make you a perfect golfer. Many doctors can understand the techniques I've developed-but the ability to perform them and make the required adjustments in every unusual situation that occurs on the operating table is another story."

Despite what people might assume, traveling for surgery often costs little or no more than staying at home. And if you factor in the cost of lost time at work or the value of your own recovery time, surgery with Dr. Moy becomes an even greater bargain. From hallux valgus to hallux rigidus surgery, hammertoe correction, and Tailor's bunion removal; Dr. Moy is your provider of total foot pain relief.

Dr. Moy's office commonly handles out-of-state patients, because there's simply no known substitute for his methods and precise tissue handling. If you want to be back on your feet with a 97% chance of pain-free results, it's worth the trip for your hallux valgus surgery.

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