Why not both feet at once?

Frequently Asked Question

We highly recommend that patients do not consider doing both feet at the same time. There are significant risks if surgery were performed on both feet at once.

For instance, we like our patients to transfer their body weight to the non-operative foot. This is so the patient can get around and do the things that they need to do in every day life. With the ability to transfer your body weight to the non-operative foot, you can pivot and propel your body weight in directions with great ease.

Furthermore, by transferring your body weight to the other foot, you can alleviate significant pressure to the surgical foot, and consequently remove physical harm to that surgical site. There is always a chance if you put pressure on the surgical foot, you can fracture, displace, or loosen the screw.

Ironically, some surgeons suggest doing both feet at same time because they know you will not go through their painful surgery again. The pain would be so intense and the recovery process so miserable that the patient wouldn't be able to go through it all over again. With Dr. Moy's virtually pain free procedure, this isn't the case with his patients.

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