Choosing a Surgeon

Your Choice of Surgeon Should Not Be Taken Lightly

The best surgeons have tremendous skill and expertise. Surgery is truly an art. The average artist is not an exceptional artist, nor is the average surgeon an exceptional surgeon.  Refer to the bullet points to the left which explain the best practices in selecting your next surgeon.

The best way to predict your surgical outcome is to look at a large group of patients having the same procedure that is being performed by one individual surgeon.  Please refer to the Life Beyond Bunions show to see over 100 patients in the studio audience who all experienced pain free results.

In Dr. Moy's office, what Kimber experiences going through her surgical process is truly what you could expect.  Watch the Kimber's Surgery story in the video center section or on the home page to place yourself in Kimber's shoes.

Consistency in surgical outcomes is what you are truly looking for.  

See "Ten in a Row" where Dr.Moy performs 10 consecutive bunion operations in one week.  See video testimonials of all ten patients with their written surveys.  

Dr. Moy’s patients agree that he’s a highly skilled expert in his field. As evidence of his widely recognized work, his patients have traveled across the country, even from other parts of the world, just to see the doctor. He continues to differentiate himself from other podiatrists with his virtually pain free bunion surgery technique.

As proof that Dr. Moy is a master of his craft, he continues to perform more bunion surgery than any doctor around the world. No matter what the procedure, however, the same thorough attention to detail and expert care is given to all of his patients. Whether it’s for his groundbreaking bunion surgery or other foot and ankle conditions, Dr. Moy blends art and science into a harmonious combination and delivers great results time and time again. When you visit his state-of-the-art facility and meet his handpicked medical staff, you will see why so many people choose Dr. Moy.