Bunion Surgery Fears

Common Misconceptions About Bunions and Bunion Surgery

Over the years, many patients have come to our office and expressed their concerns about things they have heard regarding bunion surgery. They usually hear it from a friend or family member, or in some cases have experienced it first hand at the hands of another surgeon. We're here to tell you that bunion surgery does not have to be painful.

The average surgical time is 75 minutes or more.Only 35 minute surgical time.

Common Fears vs. Dr. Moy's Results
Bunion Surgery MisconceptionsDr. Moy's Actual Results
Typical experiences result in excruciating pain. Our procedure is virtually painless.
The resulting pain would restrict you to bed rest. You are able to walk immediately.
Strong pain medication is required after surgery. No narcotic pain medication needed.
The procedure and/or pain would not allow you to place your foot on the floor. You can bear weight immediately after surgery.
Leg casts, crutches, and/or wheel chairs are required. These are not necessary at any time.
May not be able to drive for over a month. You can drive a car the next day with a Velcro® shoe.
Surgery may fail and bunion may return. No re-occurrence of bunion deformities.
Fear of going through with second foot because the first was so unbearable. Our procedure is proven and can get the second foot done six weeks after your first.
Can never wear high-heeled shoes or run again. Can run in six weeks and resume high-heels in eight.
Good chance of severe scars from surgery's general anesthesia. Minimal scarring with plastic surgery skin closure.
General anesthesia required for surgery. Only local with twilight sleep, also known as IV sedation.