Bunion Recurrence

The Possibility of Recurrence of Bunion Deformities

Bunion surgery does have a reputation of having a fairly high recurrence. Once your bunion has been corrected, there is a chance it can come back and in some cases a high chance. Our procedure has been designed to reduce and nearly eliminate the chance of your bunion recurring.

It all has to do with the alignment of the bone and the alignment of the soft tissue to hold it in that position so that the foot does not change shape. This creates a retrograde force back on the first metatarsal head to stimulate the growth of that bunion.

The reason bunions reoccur has to do with the procedure chosen by the surgeon, as well as the ability of that surgeon to restore the anatomical position of the tendons with equal forces.

Although no surgeon can guarantee that your bunion will not come back, we feel that our procedure will reduce the probability of your bunion coming back by 99%.

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